I Have an Appointment with Myself

There is nothing wrong with one on one time with yourself. I think its mandatory! We are always rushing dinners after long days, or running around maintaining friendships, while trying to fit in appointments and meetings…no wonder we are always drained and pooped!

For the last week, I’ve been house-sitting for my bestie and I decided to take advantage of his gorgeous kitchen. How could I not? I also decide to make it a “me” night–treating myself to an evening of wining and dining. 

I made it a point to not stop at the market OR a restaurant on the way home, just so I could use what I had already bought.. 

 Out came the organic Malbec, the Vitamix (I brought my own), the entire produce drawer, the pre-soaked cashews, the pots and pans, the spice rack and the baking sheet. 

Messy, Messy, blurry, blurry 

Messy, Messy, blurry, blurry 

Oh…and a bag of Kale chips for snacking while cooking. Yes, I do that. 

I knew I needed something crunchy so I decided to heat the oven to 375 and whip up some roasted dill curry garbanzo beans. 

From there, I boiled carrots for the dressing. I wanted to make a creamy garlicky carrot cashew dressing for my giant salad/concoction. 

I began chopping, dicing and slicing kale, cucumbers, sprouts, fennel and scallions. 

After the carrots were soft, I threw them in the Vitamix with pre-soaked cashews, olive oil, a little almond milk, lemon, fresh diced garlic, Himalayan sea salt and pumpkin seeds (for an added nutty flavor). 

It was delicious!!! And because I was cooking for myself, I licked the spatula countless times. True, I could of just spooned it all into a bowl and ate it like a normal person, but there was something fun about breaking the kitchen rules.

While putting all the elements together, I decided to add leftover quinoa for more protein and texture. Leftovers are just magical, aren’t they? 

When all was said and done I made, in my opinion, an award-winning Klean-Slate salad.





I took this beauty over to the couch with my glass of wine and put a movie on. 

Like everyone says, its the simple things in life. I love more than anything the time I get to spend with my boyfriend, but to keep a relationship (and yourself) happy and content, you need to be able to have your own time as well. Its important to take time for yourself, being comfortable with you. We, as individuals, each have our own criteria of what we need to revitalize ourselves. It’s important to understand that the person you are with has and needs the same. It doesn’t mean anything more than that. No resentment, no guilt, just pure harmless personal space. 
I know hiking, movies, catching up on shows, writing, road trips, cooking are just some things I like to do by myself. That doesn’t mean I don’t encourage my significant other to join me, but that also doesn’t mean there will be times I need to be able to do them by myself. Time to reconnect with me. 
I know for him, he has his own list of activities to make him feel whole and that's great! That’s healthy! Because at the end of the day, everyone needs a little space and we know we have a laundry list of activities we want to do together. 
If you encourage each other to make time for yourself and for friends, your love will be even stronger because your heart will grow even fonder. You will respect each other even more and your conversations will be even more diverse. 
This is my personal recipe in helping to kreate a relationship shift into one of understanding when it comes to you and your partners personal space and time.