Burger 2.0-The Beyondmeat Beyond Burger Patty

Beyondmeat patty with lettuce, tomatoes,  Follow your heart  cheese, homemade cilantro aioli and Gluten-Free  Ridiculous Baking Company  Ciabatta bread 

Beyondmeat patty with lettuce, tomatoes, Follow your heart cheese, homemade cilantro aioli and Gluten-Free Ridiculous Baking Company Ciabatta bread 

Faint critical whispers early last year lead to a store by store hunt for the revolutionary burger patty that resembled meat so much you wouldn't be able to tell by look, smell or taste that it wasn't. Mixed reviews happened industry wide, as well as, my own. Patties so realistic that it could have the potential to be a singular option. 

Could this patty bring about an onslaught of realistic, plant-based patties and curb the factory farming business?
Will non-vegans be convinced enough and will vegans accept this new alternative?

Until you were face to face with the patty, incessant questioning and constant jealousy was the name of the game.

After learning about the ingredients, speaking with reps at the launch party between Veggie Grill and Beyondmeat and then seeing, smelling and tasting the patty was I able to formulate my own thoughts.


This patty WAS a game-changer. I say this because it's different than any other bean, grain, veggie patty I've come across. Don't get me wrong, I love those options! I love whole food options, but this patty allows for something unique. It allows me the option to switch it up. To dive into a fatty (coconut oil based fats), chargrilled, textured patty that has no trace of animal products whatsoever. An indulgence without the cruelty.

Does it get kinda trippy to eat? Sure, it can, but my problem wasn't that animal products didn't taste good growing up, my problem was that I didn't understand the connection between that animal and my plate...or hell, even that I did and I didn't want to see it. Meat was the first thing I ever gave up consuming over 10 years ago. I haven't particularly cared to have it again, but this patty doesn't necessarily make me want to have meat again, it's just a good burger patty. Connection or not to meat. 

At this point, I've been able to have it at Veggie Grill, The Blaq Square and in the comfort of my own home thanks to Whole Foods Market.  

The Blaq Square is the only other restaurant I know that has chosen to put it on their menu as their vegan burger option. Its unbelievable! They add two hearty, delicious onion rings, homemade BBQ sauce and homemade sharp, tangy vegan cheddar cheese. 

I can't wait for more restaurants to jump on board because a creative battle will begin and the consumers will be the winners.  

I myself am in experimentation mode and my most recent endeavor was turning the patty into meatball!

Gluten-free pasta with Beyondmeat beyond meatballs, capers, cilantro, Earth Balance butter, lemon, pepper and a dollop of garlic cashew cheese. 

As we progress, our alternative choices do. Our wants and needs are merging. This burger may not be for everyone, but its an option that has started yet another vegan conversation for those who never thought possible and its also been a yummy splurge for me! 

Everybody wins!