Damn Straight it's Bitchin' Sauce

I remember many many years ago when I found Bitchin' Sauce at the Hillcrest Farmers Market in San Diego. At that time, they only had two or three flavors and that was enough to seal the deal. I was hooked and as you can see, they've grown!

Unlike other sauces, dips and spreads; Bitchin' uses almonds as a base. They stick to simple, mighty ingredients that pack a punch in flavor. Six universal components in all the sauces are; expeller-pressed grapeseed oil, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, garlic, sea salt and braggs liquid aminos. From there, different spices are added for each flavor. 

It's an impressive sauce with texture and flavor so versatile it can be used on everything. 

Pasta, tacos, burgers, nachos, sandwiches...

Sometimes you don't even need to get all fancy. Dipping a chip can be just as satisfying.

The perfect example; I paired one of my favorite chip brands, Beanfield's and went to town. 

This winning combination came in handy for this past 4th of July weekend. Simple enough to bring to a potluck, but enticing enough for others to be flummoxed–questioning their choices and realizing I came there to win the potluck game. 

What's my favorite flavor?

It use to be Bombay, but Pesto is taking the lead. Both bold and both incredibly delicious.

Chipotle has some heat and exudes the right amount of smoky flavor to keep me coming back. 

The Heat will melt your face off as it contains habaneros, tabasco and ghost peppers! It's boyfriend approved.   

The Cilantro Chili is friend approved, but not my cup of tea, for I am one of the few individuals who cilantro tastes like soap. If you are one of those few, check this out. You are not alone. If you enjoy cilantro, knock yourself out and enjoy this option to the fullest.

Last, but not least, the OG Original. Where Bitchin' all began. It's the perfect base for any chip and any dish. 

Bitchin has stayed true to their roots. They still have booths at Farmers Markets, but they are now available throughout the West Coast and as far East as Kansas. 

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