Bites of Luv

While wandering the aisles of my local, natural market I spotted Bites of Luv. I thought the packaging was cute, simple and with the font choice–a throw back to the 70′s. When I took a closer look I discovered they were gluten-free, soy-free, organic, non-GMO 100% vegan and nut-free!

Their treats, bars, snacks, bites, sweets are created in small batches by Bites of Luv with such passion and joy, you can literally taste the dedication in each bite. 


The cookies (of course) were the first items I tried. 

I went for the chocolate chip first, but learned that the oatmeal raisin was my jam. It was sweet and salty, but not as the salty as the chocolate chip which, for me, creates more of a balance I tend to gravitate towards. 

After speaking with the wonderful owner herself, I learned there were more treats I had not yet seen that included cookie dough bites and candy bars! What made me even more giddy was to learn they were based on the same principals the bars and cookies were created on. 

I kept all of the above in the fridge and it made the experience even that much better. 

The cold chocolate for the “candy bar” was soft and creamy–a perfect balance to the hearty, yet sweet ingredients that laid below it. I kept this bar in the fridge and took bites of it for my sweet tooth cravings. I never finished the whole bar in one sitting, which allowed me to feel better about the calorie content. True, Bites of Luv contains good calories and absorb far differently than let’s say processed sugars and flours, but calories add up and for someone like me that tends to eat more nuts than I should, I have to keep a watchful eye or I’ll eat the whole thing and then some!

For instance, enter in the morsels that blew me away, THE COOKIE DOUGH BITES! 

The textured cookie dough within the hard, dark chocolate shell was spot on, especially with the delightful mini chocolate chips. I felt like my 5-year old self eating cookie dough out of the fridge and at any moment I was going to be caught! I probably should of been because I ate them all in one sitting! Major whoops!
But really, that’s how good they were. 

I swear, I’m just a giant big kid sometimes…

Bites of Luv treats are popping up in more and more locations. I recently spotted them at The Harvest Bar in Sherman Oaks, Fala Bar and the brand new granola at Yoga-urt.
Check out Bites of Luv here for more locations or to purchase online. 

  • My write-ups are based solely on me finding vendors I appreciate and who abide by Klean Karma. I choose to showcase individuals and companies that I believe are really making a product they are proud of and can help kreate the shift.