Cava Grill | Westwood

The first time I tried Cava Grill I was with non-vegan friends at the Villiage at Topanga location. I was told it was another Chipotle-style Mediterranean restaurant much like Yalla Mediterranean.  

Are you wondering why I used "Chipotle style" in my last two write-ups and not Subway—the pioneers in the build-your-own dish revolution.

Reason being unlike Subway, Chipotle based their concept on using locally sourced ingredients, sustainable resources and whole foods-whether I agree or disagree with some of their choices. 

Cava Grill takes it's a step further; they use appealing industrial design aesthetics, seasonal dishes and small versus large production batches. While adhering to societal advances in dietary changes, their menus tote gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan and even soy-free.  

They use modern concepts with traditional flavors to create a decent priced meal for our on-the-go culture.  

This past Saturday I was able to bring a few friends to the Westwood location to try their vegan–and for one of us–vegetarian options. Our table was beautiful, no two dishes looked the same. A kudos to Cava for having enough variety. 

Lots of veggie options, the sauces were on-point; especially the lemon herb, the falafels were hearty, but not too dense and the plethora of lemonade/juice options intriguingly expansive. My favorite currently being the carrot ginger with the basil apple cardamon trailing not too far behind.

If wishes were granted, what would I like to see in the future?

A gluten-free option for pita (french fries would even suffice) and a possible baklava sans honey for dessert. 

Until that time, everyone thoroughly enjoyed their packed bowls, their delicious juices and the 2-hour free parking structure up the block. 


Village at Topanga | 11am-10pm | 818.860.7670
Westwood | 11-10pm | 310.860.6288

They also have locations in Washington, DC | Virginia | Maryland
Check there website for all the COMING SOON'S including New York!

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