Food Heals Podcast-Klean-Slate Episode

The lovely Alison Melody and Suzy Hardy invited me to a be a guest on a episode of the Food Heals Podcast.
My episode contains a little bit of everything! We went on funny tangents, talked about real issues, stereotypes and what I've learned through my journey thus far. Some tidbits you will hear are:

  • How a yoga retreat changed Elana’s life, and saved her both physically and emotionally.
  • Why Elana is an advocate of digestive enzymes.
  • Health tips for the super busy.
  • The importance of replenishing your gut microflora
  • Why texture is your best friend when it comes to creating delicious healthy meals
  • Why minerals are vital for your body
  • What dairy and sugar do to the body
  • When to broach the topic of veganism, and when to stay quiet
  • How to make Elana’s No Guilt No Shame Chocolate Smoothie
  • All the gossip from The Food Heals Anniversary Party!!

Listen to this episode through Itunes here