Hand Crafted Wood Watches - Jord


When I was contacted by Jord, I was in a "no watch wearing" phase. I really couldn't even tell you the last time I wore one, but after seeing their website and the unique beauty each watch possessed, I knew I wanted one to glitter my wrist. 

Jord Watches are made from sustainable and innovative materials, thus allowing the natural nature of the wood to make them each one of a kind. The company itself is run by artists, designers, and marketers-a unique quality in and of its self. 

Beyond the individualistic nature of the wood, the mechanical intricacies are just as fascinating. If you are curious to learn more, check out this link.

Another fun aspect I didn't know till placing my order was the option to personal engrave each piece (a few don't have the option) and the box itself (see above). For mine, I chose to use the space to apply a quote that felt empowering, pertinent and everlasting. Lastly, the box also contains all the necessary pieces to give your watch that extra loving care it needs. I have yet to see another sustainable company put so much thought into the pre and post experience of buying a watch. 

Jord's portfolio has a slew of diverse design options for both men and women AS WELL AS wood bands for the Apple Watch

Truth be told

since receiving my watch, I've been wearing it constantly. I love it. Honestly.