Keep Healthy Bars

Bars for Days!

At home having ready-to-go healthy snacks is essential. I never know if I need to grab something for a movie, a hike, in between meals, running errands or evenroad trips! The road trips might not happen as much as I'd like, but it's never wrong to keep some snacks on hand for when they do spring up. 

Recently, Keep Healthy Bars reached out to me and an opportunity to try new vegan option bars was a go. My first thought once receiving the box was the variety was overwhelming! Truly something for everyone. 

Their selection ranges from:

  • Protein Powered
  • Low Glycemic 
  • Fruitkies
  • Chocolate Fruitkies
  • Date 
  • Chocolate Covered Date

Keep Healthy Bars are gluten-free, vegan, non-gmo, organic, kosher and dairy-free. Some bars are more dense than others (think protein versus fruitkies) which will keep you satiated longer.

Fiber galore!

Each bar contains simple ingredients. Some just fruits and nuts while others like Protein, Low Glycemic and Chocolate contain a little more. Brown rice, pea fiber, almond butter and oats. 
I rejoice for the use of no agave. Coconut nectar or maple are used in its place–my preferred options. 

Other added bonuses; some bars like Lemon Zest contain matcha green tea, vanilla and almond oil–giving them a little pep in their step. 

Check out Keep Healthy Bars website for a complete list of bars, ingredients and nutrition facts. 

As well, FREE SHIPPING on all USA orders through their website!

Happy, healthy snacking!