All ketchups are not created equal


Let me preface by saying, I LOVE KETCHUP! I can't imagine life without it. I was one of the many who grew up loving the old fashioned Heinz. You know, that sweet, tomato-ie goodness that's been carved into our memory banks for life? 

BUT as I advance on the path of research, label reading and brand exploration I've come to find that, "All Ketchup's are not Created Equal."

Most name brand ketchups are loaded with more than one GMO-derived high fructose corn syrup!

Not to mention enough sugar, salt and preservatives to shock your system into submission. And let's not pretend that ketchup is going onto something wholesome and nutritious. I can bet you, you are either slathering it on or dipping items in that aren't of that nature. Also let's be clear, I'm not holier than thou. I won't lie and say I don't eat french fries and/or processed foods, BUT I do try to be conscious of my choices when I make them ESPECIALLY when they enter into my kitchen. 

One such ketchup brand I use is Sir Kensingtons. High fructose corn syrup is nowhere near the labels short ingredients list and neither are GMO's. Sir Kensingtons contain tomatoes, tomato paste, organic cane sugar, onions, distilled vinegar, water, salt, lime juice concentrate, green bell peppers, allspice and that's it! Don't worry about the flavor not tasting like ketchup because it does. 

Slater and dip away