Kite Hill Yogurt

In my humble opinion, it is difficult to find a dairy-free, store-bought yogurt that doesn't taste overly sweet and/or has a slew of artificial ingredients. Most remind me of the Yoplait I use to eat as a child–for dessert. Don't get me wrong, having those options are nice and handy when a hankering for yogurt hits, but they don't give me the vital healing probiotic benefits with simple ingredients and low to no sugar that I'm looking for on a regular basis. 

Kite Hill is a company that attained its start with artisan vegan cheeses made from almonds, not cashews. A bold venture as cashews dominate the store-bought, artisan vegan cheese game. 

For myself, as much as I love cashews, they don't always agree with me. Cashews tend to be on the "don't eat" list for many cleanses and/or elimination diets due to a rise in cashew allergies and high mold content. Almonds are slightly more beneficial in the vitamin E, fiber and calcium departments.

When it comes to Kite Hills yogurts, they rank at the top of the store-bought yogurt game. 

The newest additions are:

  • Pineapple
  • Key Lime
  • Vanilla 16 oz
  • Unsweetened 16oz

The new unsweetened flavor has been an option I've been waiting for, for a long time. I love tart, no sugar added yogurts that are almond milk based versus soy.
I enjoy it by itself, with granola and berries, in dips and sauces or as a sour cream/dairy yogurt/soft cheese replacement. 

Chef friends I know are rejoicing.


You can find Kite Hill yogurts exclusively at Whole Foods Markets nationwide.