Koekies Cookies

I was informed by my lovely friend Ask Leah Renee that a  NEW must-try, Klean-Slate approved cookie was making its way through the clutter and shinning superior above the rest; I knew this Cookie Monster had to try them.

Was my friend correct? Were they superior? Did they make me question all prior cookie consumption choices?

I’ll tell you this, Chef Kelly has her own vegan twist on an old Dutch classic and it’s downright crave-able.

Photo credit:  EatKoekie  

Photo credit: EatKoekie 

Light, flavorful, gluten-free, five ingredients, plant-based, sweetened only with maple syrup and made with cashews!!!

I don’t know if you noticed, but I did profess my love for cashews in my profile; it seemed fitting.

Thus far I’ve seen these bad boys at Erewhon Market, but I’m sure more locations will be popping up.