M Street Coffee | Sherman Oaks

I ventured right on over to M Street Coffee after receiving a hot tip about this neighborhood, vegan-friendly coffee shop.

Nestled on a corner in the suburbs of Sherman Oaks, this coffee shop has a slight resemblance to the cozy charm of a San Francisco coffee shop. San Francisco coffee shops with their dark wood, bohemian vibe and organic fare; were a place I felt at home. They were the art students dream location to feel inspired and to be left alone.
This shop has taken a little bit of that charm and then elevated it, adding in a modern LA twist. It’s simple, quaint and thankfully not another Starbucks.

For me, the biggest bonus was the simple goodies they provided. There's not a laundry list of treats or eats, but what they do provide is plenty enough for my wandering eye.

I have A.D.D when it comes to seeing an assortment of new products and homemade treats. I was originally set on getting one of their organic coffees or teas but then I saw my favorite kombucha, Health-Ade in my seasonal favorite flavor, Plum.

That sealed the deal!

My boyfriend and a friend of mine both ordered the coconut latte and they were pleased.

I also spotted a delicious home made cookie that had my name written all over it. I do have the audacity to proclaim that I am an authority on cookies. I am the female cookie monster.

This vegan quinoa chocolate pistachio gluten-free cookie was hands down amazing! Perfectly balanced.
I had no idea I would come across such deliciousness at a random coffee shop in the valley.

It’s nice to be a tourist in your own backyard, coming across places you'd normally just drive by. Now I have a neighborhood coffee shop where I can bring my laptop, eat vegan fare in peace and slip into creative sessions without disruption.