MatchaBar has Landed on the West Coast

Golden Latte- Turmeric, Matcha, ginger, black pepper, vegan milk w/ Vegan blondie bar

Golden Latte- Turmeric, Matcha, ginger, black pepper, vegan milk w/ Vegan blondie bar

Tea is my high and ceremonial matcha is top shelf.
Matchabar uses a high-quality green tea powder that provides a natural rush of energy and focus one can only hope to achieve from any caffeinated source; natural or unnatural. 

The added benefits of Matcha

"To produce matcha, one uses only the tips of the plant - baby leaves that sprout while the plant is being shaded. Shade-growing is essential to how the tea plant is harvested for matcha. Then the plant is deprived of sunlight, effectively tricking the plant into thinking it is dying, causing it to work harder to survive! Its chlorophyll content skyrockets , along with antioxidants, and everything else that makes matcha wonderful! What results is a leaf packed with flavor, nutrients and caffeine" - Matcha 101

Matchabar Silverlake–their newest and only LA location, thus far, was aesthetically pleasing from the moment I saw their neon green sign. The "Brooklyn meets Cali" spacial touches and the simple to understand menu allows for an easy to-go system. The indoor space is small, but with the use of light colors and minimal furniture it presents adequate for what it needs to be. If you do choose to hang around, a tiny outdoor seating area allows for free WIFI use while you enjoy your nibbles and drinks...which we did. 
I ordered a Golden Latte - turmeric, matcha, black pepper (impressed to know they've done their homework, black pepper aids in absorption for turmeric), ginger and house-made vegan milk with a vegan blondie bar. 
The Latte was nutritious, full of antioxidants and no surprises. It tasted as it was listed. No extra sweeteners, no hidden ingredients. Pure and simple. 
The blondie bar was tasty and aided in a satisfying treat to accompany my drink. Small bites like kale salads and avocado toasts are also on the menu, but we were a little late to the party. 
Warning-kitchen closes at 3pm. 

On my next venture, I'll be sure to make it before 3pm so I can try their vegan options because a kale salad and a golden latte sound like a nice combination for an outdoor patio, laptop working afternoon. 

If you can't get to the cafe, Matchabar has bottled their matcha goodness and have begun selling in stores.
To see where you can find a bottle, click here