NEW Temple Turmeric Flavors

We can sit around all day and debate why or why not honey is vegan or why I prefer coconut nectar over agave OR we can all just join hands and dive into Temple Turmerics NEW FLAVORS! 

I'm going to go with dive in!

Temple Turmeric has made the leap from specialty stores to general markets across America. Along the way, they redesigned their bottles and added a multitude of flavors, including another sweetener alternative. The addition of coconut nectar opens the door to new consumers; those who don't consume honey and those who prefer not to consume agave. 

While Temple Turmeric arranged for me to try their newest vegan options, I've since seen even more flavors pop up! They are on a roll. 

I truly love all the new options I tried, but my favorite would have to be Mineral Greens. As much as I love the taste of greens, which I do, this option provides all the super food nutrients of spirulina, chlorella and barley grass without losing the authentic flavor of the original Temple Turmeric. 

If I couldn't find Mineral Greens, the next runner up would be Ginger-Aid. The combination of Turmeric and Ginger is a classic. It warms the body and revitalizes the mind.  

Turmeric is apart of my daily routine whether it be in a drink or in a supplement. The magical root is a powerful anti-inflammatory and reducer of many issues ranging from menstrual cramps to arthritis to IBS.

My favorite herbal supplement is Gaia Herbs Turmeric Supreme with added black pepper to aid absorption.

My favorite cold drink is Temple Turmeric and my favorite hot drink is Numi Organic Turmeric Tea. 

These days, jumping on the turmeric bandwagon is a good thing. All the cool brands are doing it.