On-The-Go Protein Packed Yumbutter's

I first found Yumbutter at Natural Expo West last year when they presented their first line of flavors; Sunflower, Almond and Peanut. 

What first drew me in was the packaging and then the list of organic, specially sourced ingredients. I won't lie; at first, I was wary when I read Palm Oil, but as I questioned the choice, a clear answer was presented.

Yumbutter partnered with palm oil supplier Daabon – a  certified rain forest alliance member who is the #1 ranked sustainable palm oil producer in the world.

This allows me to sit easier in my decision to enjoy and promote Yumbutter. When researching and scooping out new vegan finds, everything comes into play. Our planet is in peril on a daily basis and what we choose on our daily basis can help or hurt the cause. 

What's New to Yumbutter? 

Cashew, Espresso and Protein!

Each flavor is distinct with its own set of ingredients, textures and proteins–all boldly displayed on their packaging. 

Prior to consuming, I highly RECOMMEND engaging in the instructions on the package to knead. Knead each pouch to adjust the consistency, especially when it comes to the Protein flavor. Protein is more dense and will need the most kneading.   

My Favorite Flavor?

Cashew! A superfood mixture containing chia seeds, hemp seeds and goji berries. I prefer the consistency in the cashew flavor the most compared to the other two. 

The Protein option has the most beneficial ingredients with allergen-free probiotics and 10g of protein, but is pretty dense. For those who love a thicker consistency, this will work the best for you. 

Espresso is strong! It'll wake you right up. When paired with raspberries on a rice cake, we found it made an addicting combination and a bold on-the-go breakfast option.

I've found Yumbutter at Whole Foods, Thrive (link in banner ad) and Target.

Check their website for more locations near you!