Seabirds Kitchen Brunch | Costa Mesa


Take a little drive down to Costa Mesa and you'll find a covert, one-level, urban space called The LAB–The Anti-Mall. Within The LAB there are a few shops, a few restaurants, an art exhibit and an outdoor area to sit and lounge. 

It's the perfect location for Seabirds Kitchen–a small, organic, seasonal vegan restaurant. 

My first experience at Seabird's a few years ago when they first opened is one I like to pretend didn't happen. Everything from cold food to everyone getting their dishes at different times to the waitress not really caring, left a bad taste in my mouth. 

As you can see, it took me a while to come back. But with so many positive reviews by friends, I wanted to give it another shot. 

I went for a Sunday redemption brunch. 

The Purple Taquitos with purple potatoes, chipotle sour cream, fermented curtido, almond feta and cilantro were delicious. Bold flavors mixed with pronounced textures makes this a dish I would easily order again.


For my main dish, I had trouble deciding–the menu looked fantastic. 

I decided to go with Green Eggs & Avo Toast. A house scramble with pistou and sauteed spinach, whole wheat ciabatta toast with smashed avocado, house-made lemon salt and heirloom tomato served with fried potatoes. 

I really loved the whole dish. The Avocado Toast game is non-existent as Seabirds smashed the competition. It was elevated, hearty and flavorful. An avocado toast that highlights the avocado, but encourages variety.

My cousins ordered the Enoki Rueben. An enoki "corned beef" mushroom, leek-caraway kraut, caramelized onion, provolone cheese, Russian dressing on toasted whole wheat ciabatta bread sandwich. I was almost more excited to try that then my dish because enoki mushrooms as "corned beef"gives me heart eyes. The chef took a chance and it worked REALLY WELL.

They also ordered a cup of Yellow Curry Vegetable Soup and a Grilled Mushroom Taco. Both tasty, both enjoyable. Let's just say, I would love to order take-out for the yellow curry on a cold, rainy day. 

My take away from brunch?

Seabirds is one of my favorites, if not THE favorite, brunch in Los Angeles/Orange County. They pulled a redemption more than any other restaurant I've ventured too.

I highly recommend for brunch and, I myself, can't wait to return for dinner. Those coveted artichoke drumsticks (quite pricey at $13 for three) are the talk of the town.