SnackNation | A New Vegan Option for the Win

Is SnackNation different than other delivery systems? YES! and here's why! 

First off, on a personal level, when I received my first box it contained snacks that were not of the generic variety. They were researched, scouted and researched again! 

From Vegan Rob's to Tasty's to the highly publicized Hippeas, each brand was not just a local pick at your convenient generic market. I, me, Klean-Slate haven't tried some of these brands or flavors!

On top of their phenomenal curation skills, SnackNation gives back. A point that is dear to me when scouting companies. For each box purchased, SnackNation donates 10 meals to families in need. THAT is a powerful message and one I can fully back and support. 

On the company side, this option provides a fun, easy way to engage employees with options besides the half-assed vending machine loaded with Doritos and stale Twix bars. Neither option providing any energy, but just enough artificial sugar and chemicals to welcome an afternoon slump. As well, not many (if any) snack delivery services out there can provide their boxes on such a large scale. A unique selling point on its own. 

To sum up. I am a fan of SnackNation. They are bringing healthier and more intriguing snacks to places all over the U.S, including my front door. 

My gift to you! 

First vegan snack box is free! Click here to redeem!