Daily Harvest-Fast Smoothie Delivery Service

How can one not love a delicious smoothie? You know, the type of smoothie that's chock full of delicious organic fruits, vegetables, minerals and superfoods. The type of smoothie that has layers upon layers of flavors. The type of smoothie that's already prepped and ready to go without having to swing by the store to pick-up. The type of smoothie that the Daily Harvest has hand-crafted to accommodate an array of nutritional and flavorful choices.  

Online you can choose your smoothies by benefits, flavors or both. Are you a blueberry and fig fan or are feeling that afternoon dip in energy? Either way, there's a smoothie designed with both in mind. 

For my first order, I had the pleasure of choosing 6 smoothies.

When the package arrived I didn't expect to receive bonus items, but I did! –motivational magnets and a well thought-out introductory letter to start. 

Both nice reminders that this plan was put together with care, ESPECIALLY those magnets. They added that extra gesture of encouragement one sometimes needs, ya know, in times of impulsive moments. 

The Reminder: My fridge is built for foods that fuel me. 

When it comes to the packaging, they have made it an easy affair. Each container contains a straw hole leaving the need to wash a cup non-existent. Thus, allowing you to recycle the container right after slurping down your smoothie. 

In making my smoothies I took the container, emptied the ingredients into my blender and added a little coconut milk or almond milk. Sometimes I would add an extra helping of hemp seeds, chia seeds or cacao nibs on top giving it an extra layer of texture and flavor. 

Voila! A delicious smoothie!

For those times that I just don't have time, this is a solid option. 

It doesn't matter if I choose to make this for breakfast in the morning, a quick pick me up in the afternoon or a light dinner; the fact that I don't have to think twice about chopping or measuring anything and yet manage to yield a well rounded, nutrient dense smoothie saves me from grabbing a less than stellar option. 

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