A Vegan Thanksgiving

I couldn’t be more thankful for the way I was able to coordinate my Thanksgiving. As Klean-Slate has evolved, my circle of vegan friends has grown. A community of like-minded, amazingly wonderful and inspiring individuals I can happily call friends. It is ever evolving as the community keeps growing and growing! 

I started off by volunteering for an organization called Gobble Gobble Give. Last year, was my first time and now it has become a terrific tradition.

This year, the line to volunteers and drop offs had doubled!

It extended around the block!
I was so impressed. My heart was melting at the amount of “giving spirit”.

After we dropped off, we waited a good 45 min just to volunteer. It was worth it to help any which way we could. I believe next year we will be even more prepared and arrive earlier to help for a longer period of time.

From there, I was off to a full on vegan thanksgiving hosted by the wonderful creator of The Vedge, Jessica and her incredible husband Kenny. 

On top of being a tremendous host, she created 5 different kombucha’s from scratch!

Photo Credit By Jessica

Photo Credit By Jessica

For the food, we had a vegan smorgasbord! Ranging from Mud Hen Tavern to Doomie's to Ayinde's Famous Mac and Yease!

For dessert we had Charlies Brownies PLUS a bunch of homemade goodies!

I care to not count how many plates happened. All I know is I left happy and overwhelmed with warmth and compassion for my fellow P2TV family (Power to The Veg), a Facebook group in which most of the attendees are members. The power of social media–bringing like-minded individuals together. 

 Remember, there are options. Some of the stories around the table were inspiring and very relate able. Most of the guests have been vegan for years and years and have never been able to have a full vegan thanksgiving. This was their first year having a completely cruelty-free table with no pressure from anyone or to be subjected to the typical round of questioning. I felt for them. I was happy for them more than I was happy for myself. I was thankful that I could be apart of their first vegan thanksgiving memory and they could also be apart of mine. 

I hope your thanksgiving was filled with wonderful memories, friends, family, laughter, tasty (vegan) food, libations, stories, football and smiles.