Vegancuts April Snack Box

April Snack Box

April Snack Box

Snacks from all over the glorious U.S. are curated monthly to bring to you Snack Boxes!

This month I tore open my April Vegan Cut's Snack Box with vigor–per usual. I love seeing what treats await me; some I know, some I don't, yet all fun to receive.   

As much as I love to shop around town and find new items, the sad fact is I can't find them all. Here, I am able to encounter new items that I may never have found otherwise.

Case in point, Pipcorn. Delicious, scrumptious bites of truffled popcorn.
After devouring the bag, I looked up the company and discovered they sell at Target and Whole Foods!!!

How have I never cast my eyes upon them before??

THIS RIGHT HERE, is a prime example of a snack box working in my favor. A new snack to add to my rotation that I can find nearby.

As each box is curated with options near and far, it's not always going to be that easy. Some options require more digging or possibly shipping, BUT having this convenient option to try them is always a pleasure. 

Another favorite treat Organic Living Superfoods, Raw Sprouted Buffalo Almonds and Ranch Cashews were the perfect nutty snack! Hot to cool ratio on point and ingredients spot on; I gobbled it right up! 

Took a quick shot before gobbling up the whole, mini bag.

Took a quick shot before gobbling up the whole, mini bag.

If you ever want to see a Snack Box being dissected when it first arrives at my house, check out my Snapchat @Klean-Slate. Expect silliness and possible consumption on screen. 

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Until next time!