Interview with Vegetaryn: "Why Vegan?" with Klean-Slate

"Why Vegan?" is a YouTube series my friend Vegetaryn created highlighting social media influencers on their vegan journey.

This video is a snippet into my journey. I provide a little background into my childhood, my influences, my life-changing events while contributing a few important takeaways. I say snippet because as you can see, I've created a whole website based around my continued quest!

To sum up my entire vegan journey thus far in 6 min 20 sec including; triumphs, fails, life lessons and childhood experiences is not the easiest of tasks for someone who feels like they have stories upon stories to tell! 

This is why I'm excited that I'm able to give a taste. Even though with this taste I still divulge a lot! You can also check out My Shift.

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