A true California native I have lived all over this culture clashed state. as my heart still lies in my Los angeles roots, I made the cross-country return four years ago from the seducing advertising world. 

Now, I have re-energized a dormant passion that I let lie low for way too long. I have re-awaken a fascination for researching and learning how a body and mind can benefit from the right nutrition and from truly enriching experiences. My passions lead me to discover and share really tasty and simple recipes such as healthy alternatives to the classics like daiyadillas, alternative products, and restaurants that have all types of healthy options no matter your individual preferences. I continue to grow my “library”, not just for the betterment of my health and happiness, but for the benefit of others. My hope is to help people become more informed about the plethora of options, beyond frozen lean cuisines, generic multi-vitamins and corporate gyms.

 I want to help inspire and empower people no matter where they are in their journey. If my own path hadn’t begun with a degree in advertising then this journey of mine would have started much sooner, but so says life and so says my evolution.

Seven years since earning that advertising degree, my two worlds have collided. As an advertiser, I was an expert in making people see what I wanted them to see. Now, as a nutritional enthusiast I help people see their way through the labyrinth of hypnotizing packaging, seemingly harmless ingredients and the trance that is our everyday experience with food. I help people peel back the veil of confusion from misunderstood health and nutritional concepts, allowing the most simple of truths reach their conscience.

But diet is only part of a simple, fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. My personal journey to healthy living has been enhanced by the regular practice of yoga and my involvement in the yoga community. A goal of mine I set over four years ago was to go on a yoga training retreat, which I finally fulfilled three years ago to Chacala, Mexico. My eyes have never been so opened. 

While my journey started with nutrition it has expanded to animal rights and agricultural/environmental issues plaguing our world. There are amazing books, blogs, documentaries and organizations that have helped shaped my understanding. 

Having a 9-5 job while trying to maintain the work, life and healthy-living balance is a challenge that everyone faces. I hope to take the apprehension out of the process and make it possible for others to find a more simple path, as I’ve created.

11 years ago I could not of predicted the health movement would come as far as it has and that it would break down so many barriers - but it has. I mean, vegan blue brie cheese?! Yes it exists! And I’m stoked about it! I just don’t know why the whole world isn’t as awed and amazed as I am. We have a long way to go, but that’s ok, because with a little enthusiasm, thirst to learn and the pure joy I experience when bringing new, fascinating tidbits to all that will listen, people will continue to raise a curious eyebrow and find their own simple truth.