Forest Man

If you think one person can’t make a difference, there is at least one man who can single-handedly prove you wrong. 

Jadev Payeng “The Forest Man”, has planted 1,360 acres (larger than Central Park) since 1970 and the momentum he has constructed hasn’t stopped since then. The forest that he has built, including live animals such as; tigers, elephants, deer’s and rhinos, is on a sandbar in the middle of the world’s largest river located in North East India.

This extraordinary piece of land could be gone in the next 15-20 years due to soil erosion. With this, Jadev still continues to exert the effort to make the “shift”. He believes he can save his land and I believe, with effort, we can work to save ours.

He is but one man and the world is a big place, but with more individuals like this, we can create the “shift” right along with him.

The beauty this man possesses brought tears to my eyes.
Watch the video and be as inspired as I was. 

It’s only 16 min long, but the takeaway will last much much longer.