2015 Best Nine on Instagram

Well, I see my theme loud and clear-FOOD!
Delicious, unique, progressive dishes from some of my favorite locations and books!

A fully loaded burger from @cafegratitude
A feast of new dishes from the revamped @welovemcafe
A literal donut cake from @donutfriend
My favorite sandwich-Puerco from @organixla
My own Klean-Slate Kitchen Greens on Greens Wrap
Savory Corn Cakes from @vegetable.la
Buddha Spring Rolls from @vestationkitchen
A Build-Your-Own Plate from one of my favorite specialty markets @erewhonmarket
and the two most recent editions to my shelves @miyokoschinner The Homemade Vegan Pantry and @jonimarienewman The Complete Guide to Even More Vegan Food Substitutes.

Of course, this year has been phenomenally progressive in the vegan department, but it has also exceeded my expectations in getting to know so many wonderful individuals I now call friends.

Lots of love, lots of compassion and lots of heart is what I will bring with me into 2016 along with pushing the limits and forgetting the boundaries.

Happy New Years!

TIMEOUT LA: 13 Delicious Vegan Options for Thanksgiving in Los Angeles

Organix "Leftover Sandwich"

Organix "Leftover Sandwich"

I’m excited to inform you that my first Time Out piece is live and ready for hungry eyes. 
I don’t know about you, but I am ready for the holidays to begin! Scrumptious fare is all around us and here I bring to you 13 Delicious Vegan Options for Thanksgiving in Los Angeles!

Thank you all for your continued support!

Portland Vegan Beer & Food Festival

Portland Vegan Beer & Food Festival

When the show goes on the road, you either stay behind and watch forlornly at all the pictures being posted OR you book a flight and get your butt to Portland! The Vegan Power Rangers Crew and I loaded up and shipped out.

Some of the crew were even able to make it a few days ahead and sadly, I became the one watching forlornly at their posts; wishing I had bought a ticket for a day earlier. 

With that being said, I managed to push forward and make it one of the best damn Traveling Vegan trips to date

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25 Mouthwatering Vegan Desserts from all over the World!

The mastermind Veggie Visa, brought together some of her favorite vegan travel bloggers (including yours truly) for a truly fantastic cause.

Vegan Desserts!

25 amazingly delicious, creative vegan desserts from all over the world in one post! 
A collaborative effort manufactured for the sole purpose of getting me to dust off my suitcase and start marking destinations on my map.  

I am currently bookmarking this page to reference for my future travel adventures. Now, I won’t hesitate to know where to go for tasty vegan treats abroad!

Check out the post here!

-Mouthwatering pictures included.


The Springs Meetup

The Springs Meetup

The lovely Laura (A Sunshine Mission) hosted a vegan bloggers meetup at Downtown LA’s The Springs Restaurant this past weekend and I was huymbly invited to a 7-course, chefs tasting menu on a Saturday night with a live band!
I had to think really hard about this one…YES, definitely yes!

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Day 1: Natural Expo West

Day 1: Natural Expo West

Natural Expo West 2015 (or as some would call it…Disneyland)

Wear comfy shoes, bring a portable phone charger, extra business cards, eco-friendly bags, your personal Excel map of exhibits to hit and you just may be ready to embark on your FIRST “Disneyland Adventure Supreme”.

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Guest Blog-Cowgirls & Collard Greens

I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a guest blogger on Cowgirls & Collard Greens website! 

If you are looking for tasty fare, I’m here to help plan your weekend eats. 

Check out my post “ Los Angeles- A Vegan’s Playground” and start your own weekend adventure!