Vegancuts Snack Box Review

-Vegancuts Snack Box-

If you haven’t heard of Vegancuts and you are vegan, thinking of becoming vegan, searching for more vegan options, live remotely and/or just love vegan snacking; than Vegancuts snack boxes might be right up your “vegan curious” alley. 

Each month Vegancuts curates a snack box comprised of 7-10 vegan snacks from both the sweet and savory categories. Some options are full size and some are samples, but all are specially sought after by the Vegancuts team or by the monthly guest curators like; Spork Foods, Vegan Yack Attack or Eco Vegan Gal.

Most of the vendors showcased are smaller businesses that use words I appreciate like; ECO-FRIENDLY, SUSTAINABLE and NON-GMO when creating their products–implementing the Klean Karma motto (eat klean, innovate the cycle, kreate the shift). 
Each snack box is $19.95 including shipping and you have the option to cancel your subscription at any time. Not a bad deal, right?  

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June Snack Box

June Snack Box

I don’t know about you, but I love getting care packages full of tasty treats in the mail. It feels like my birthday…a monthly birthday! And just like a birthday gift, not every item will be for you. Thankfully, that’s what friends are for! You can introduce them to new tasty treats! 

So what came in this June Snack Box you ask?

For me, this June Snack box had some hits and misses and the ones that were misses, were hits with my friends. Winning all around. 

This month, my favorite item was Miracle Tree tea. 
Miracle Tree tea is made with Moringa. Moringa is a powerful healing plant with properties ranging from 47 antioxidants to complex amino acids. Dried moringa leaves have been known to boost energy levels, increase sex drives, treat topical infections, anemia, arthritis, thyroid disorders…the list goes on and on. Miracle Tree couldn’t have picked a more perfect name for their company. 
In the June Snack Box we were given three flavors: Lemon, Strawberry and Green Tea. My favorite flavor was lemon. It paired perfectly with the subtle flavors of the dried moringa leaves and enhanced the healing properties. 

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Happy Snacking!