The Quickest of the Quick Energizing Morning Oats

I work early. Really, really early.

I need my to-go breakfast to either be made the night before or right before I’m heading out the door so I can consume it at work. I don’t like to stop at Starbucks or something like Starbucks because 9 times out of 10 you usually end up with something void of nutrients, over priced or both.

It should be a last, last minute option if you really have nothing to throw together at home. You know, for those days where 1 of 2 things have either happened.

1.  You’ve been on track with nutrition and finances so you decide to give yourself this one little splurge.


2. You wake up and realize your pantry and fridge are bare so a quick acai bowl or latte with oatmeal pick up will suffice until you go to the market that evening. 

or secret #3. You say screw it, it’s Friday and I’m menstruating. Hand over that chocolate brownie and no one gets hurt. Just me? Ok cool. I’m fine with that.   

If you currently are in neither of those three categories (especially #3) and are looking for a quick, at-home, highly nutritious, filling option; well here’s your Energizing Morning Oats. 

Morning Oats

*Extra Optional Add-ins:
Almond or Peanut Butter
Navitas Natural 3 Berry Trail Mix
Vanilla Extract
Navitas Natural Superfood Blend
Four Sigmatic Foods Princess, Digestion or Detox Blends

- Pour ½ cup of oats into your mason jar. Cover the amount of the oats with filtered water. Make sure not to overdo the water as the oats and the chia seeds will expand. 
- Add your maca, lucuma, cinnamon and chia seeds (as well as any extra optional add-ins). 
- Mix all ingredients together, especially the chia seeds.

My Personal Routine
I make Morning Oats at home. Pack it in my lunch bag. Bring it to work and store it in the fridge for about 15 minutes. After, I take it out and warm it up with a little hot water from the automatic hot water dispenser. I only add enough water to warm, not enough to make it watery. Personal preference. You may eat it cold if that’s the way you prefer it. 
Another option is to make the above in a large batch, store in your fridge for three days and portion control it out into a smaller jar to take to work. This helps for those who really have no time.