Traveling Klean: South America-Iguazu Falls (Brazil Side)

South America- Chile, Brazil, Iguazu Falls, Argentina
Part 3
: Iguazu Falls (Brazil Side)

I didn't know how much I was looking forward to Iguazu Falls until I stood face to face with the natural wonder. 

Iguazu Fall spans across Brazil and Argentina. In comparison, Niagara Falls in New York is 1/3 shorter and it is wider than Victoria Falls in Africa. This does not mean the other Falls do not have better stats in other areas, but it helped me to understand the impressive nature of Iguazu Falls.

Usually, you book a trip based off of learning or hearing about it, but this time, I was in the dark. I took a different approach which allowed me to be doubly impressed when we arrived.

While entering Iguazu on the Brazil side I was fatigued, fighting a high fever and an ear infection. I was under the weather, but I was not going to miss out on any outdoor activities–it's what I live for on trips. 

Once we entered the national park, there were butterfly clusters everywhere! It was absolutely gorgeous and we couldn't help but capitalize on a colorful photo op.

Thankfully once we entered the park, the main attraction was lunch. I tried to manage my expectations (national park, buffet style) but I was hoping deep down there would be something more than french fries and a side salad. I needed something of substance to help fight my fever. 

The pictures do not do it justice, but the inside of the restaurant felt like we were transported into the mess hall of Jurassic Park. From our seats you could see the Falls along with large, overgrown trees that I'm sure could tell stories one would eagerly gather around to here. 

When it came to the buffet, the food was plentiful and there was surprisingly an array of vegan dishes. I was beyond thrilled to pile my plate high with hearty options.  

The lightly fried yucca nuggets finally satiated my thirst for yucca while the steamed vegetables and golden beets provided the dense and blood cleansing nutrients I was hoping to find. I loaded up on fiber and iron with black beans and just for glutinous reasons, I added zero nutrient value french fries and pasta. A nice contrast, don't you think? 

I tried to feed myself as much as I could without falling over. I knew I was going to be walking and I needed some strength...which I was lacking. 

While we started to make the trek you wouldn't believe that with my luck I leaned on a banister for a hot sec and felt a horrible, prickly sensation rise in my arm. 

Out of miles and miles of banister, I happen to lean right on a prickly caterpillar! Me being sick, fevery, ear infected and all wasn't enough; I had to capitalize on sheer dumb luck. 

Thankfully, our guide informed me it wasn't poisonous and we carried on while one the ladies gave me an alcohol swab she happened to be carrying and I used some tea tree oil I happened to be carrying (thanks to @gypsyremedial).

Continuing onward I captured gorgeous shots upon shots; which I had to weed through and pair down for a highlights reel. 

 I love this one in b & w

 I love this one in b & w

As the day was nearing the end, we ended with a walk along a single bridge jutting out across one of the falls for a real up close vantage point. 

On our way out a photo was captured that puts a smile on my face everytime I see it. 

We each purchased a printed copy of this photo as our souvenir from the Brazil side of Iguazu Falls. 

When it came to the entirety of the trip, this was one of the longest days. The minute we got to the hotel, I made it to the room and stayed put. As much as I wanted to join the girls for dinner or a dip in the pool, I knew Day 2 was still in store. I ordered room service, took a hot shower and went to bed early.

I ordered a refreshing salad with cucumber, onions, grilled tomatoes, grilled hearts of palm with balsamic vinaigrette and a pot of tea. 

I added crunchy, sweet bbq chic a peas for some extra protein.

Day 2, Argentina side was right around the corner...