Traveling Klean: South America-Iguazu Falls (Argentina Side)

While we first entered Iguazu Falls on the Argentina side I was fighting a high fever, round the clock fever-reducing medication, ear infection, fatigue and a sore throat–perfect for a long day of walking in the blaring sun WHICH happens to be my favorite part of a trip. I love being active, getting out there, exploring, walking, hiking, etc. As much as my mother wanted me to stay back, I knew I was not going to miss out on this opportunity. I did, however, understand that I had to scale it back and not embark on the waterfall boat ride or the extra hike–I had to take it somewhat easy as I was very fatigued. 

My mother decided to stay back as well to accompany me on the long, mild waterfall hike instead of the river boat ride.

We all started in the same direction, but separated when the paths forked. We were to meet up after their ride and after our hike.  

Once mom and I set out we didn't realize how easy it was to get semi-lost on a path that forks in different directions. We thankfully made our way correctly, but there was a point where we almost took the wrong path because our walk was a lot longer than expected. Afterward, I ended up taking a nap on a restaurant table while waiting for the other girls!

 But before that nap and before we got lost, we experienced one of the most breathtaking wonders I have ever come across. 

The walkway mimicked the contours of the waterfalls. There were twists and turns, shade and sun and spots where you could place yourself right over the apex of a fall. 

There was a point where an overgrown, shaded section of the path opened up to a breathtaking, stop-in-your-tracks landscape. 

Miles and miles of waterfalls and plush greenery; it was gorgeous and I couldn't have been happier that I pushed myself. 

After our trek, we made our way to the rest area and waited for our group to join us. While there, we noticed the trees were overflowing with monkeys. The restaurant staff tried to shoe them away from customers and their meals as if they were pesky flies. I suppose this is a daily occurrence for a national park, something we don't encounter often in the states. I had a good ol' time watching the staff try while the monkeys continued to outwit. 

From there we found our way to the bus and to the airport for our flight to our last destination; Buenos Aires.  

At the airport I found Subway and made a pretty tasty veggie sandwich that held me over. 

It does not look like much, but I guarantee it was packed full of different veggies and sauces. It was very tasty and kept me full till we landed in Buenos Aires where a big bowl of pasta was waiting for me.