What Have You Done for Your Immunity Lately?

I have been a huge promoter of mushroom supplements ever since I went on a two week, fast-paced, multiple flights, 30 kids packed into a charter bus for half the time, international FUN FILLED trip and I was the only one who didn’t get sick.

It's been 4 years since that trip and I still talk about it regularly. I believe in order to promote a product you have to try it, test it, understand it and believe in it. I was my own test subject and I believe in the powers of this super food. 

We share more DNA with mushrooms then we do plants! Crazy sauce.

We are so closely connected to mushrooms that we have the ability to absorb, digest and utilize their nutrients for an array of reasons.   

Reishi (cardiovascular)
Chaga (antioxidant/immunity)
Turkey Tail (immunity)
Lion’s Mane (brain/nervous system)
Cordyceps (energy boost/recovery)

Of course, I believe in eating my mushrooms (mmm mmm good), but as with most super foods (turmeric, ginger, etc) if you want a more potent dose, finding a high-quality supplement can be a great addition to your regimen ESPECIALLY when you need that extra immunity boost. You can’t knock a supplement where cancer patients have been given it during treatment!  

On my last recent vacation, I was heading out of town for the holidays (Traveling Vegan Write-Up Coming Soon!) and I knew necessary measures needed to be procured. I was NOT going to succumb to what everyone around me had–I wanted to enjoy my holidays sans sickness. I needed an easy travel option that could ignite my energy (caffeine substitute) and boost my immunity.

Enter Four Sigma Foods with their plethora of options.

I was heading back East so warm tea sounded divine. My first go at a mushroom tea option for traveling and I chose Chaga–a mild, earthy subtle flavor. It was right on the money. I had it every morning for my entire trip and I haven’t stopped since I’ve been home. 

Did I get sick? No, I did not.
Was it all due to the tea? Who knows. But I will say I’m sure it didn’t hurt. It provided me nutrients I wasn’t receiving while traveling as well as energy that was greatly needed. 

I also have in my possession the Princess Blend for hormonal balance, Digestion for improved digestion/bloating and Detox–an excellent blend of mushrooms and herbs needed for the holiday aftermath.

They are available at Sprouts and Whole Foods as well as online and on Thrive where, luckily, I have an account! I can’t stress enough how valuable Thrive has been in helping me save money throughout this year. If you would like to sign up us my code here and you will get a 15% discount. 

As well, if you’d like a discount on Four Sigma Foods here is a discounted link. 


I highly recommend reading books by Paul Stamets or taking a look at his articles and his Ted Talk. He is a mycologist, author and advocate of bioremediation and medicinal mushrooms. 

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