Sun Cafe Organic - Studio City

Brunch- The Omelet & The Sun Florentine

Brunch- The Omelet & The Sun Florentine

I started going to Sun Cafe Organic around 2012, near the time of me moving back from the hustle and bustle of New York City. It was one of the first restaurants that let me knew there was a health movement going on beyond what I knew. 

Sure I was diving head first into yoga, hiking and getting myself to a place where I could feel comfortable again. Finding that balance after overdoing it in New York, but food wise I was still a work in progress. I knew the basics, but I didn't know how too go far beyond that OR know that vegan diets could be so expansive. There was a world beyond steamed veggies and rice. 

Over the years, Sun Cafe has made a transition from being a small cafe to a large restaurant with a giant patio. It has drawn a crowd. Vegan and non-vegans alike have dined on their tried and true staples or their newly developed rotating specials. Some specials being so amazing you just don't want them to go. 

As well, fantastic chefs I can call friends have graced the kitchen. Some going on to make food around town and some still making amazing food at Sun. 

Favorite Recommendations:

Lettuce Leaf Tacos
Sun Nachos
Sun Bruschetta
Daily Soups
Marinated Beet & Quinoa
Kale Colossus

Mac & Cheese
Tempeh Burger (I prefer it on the raw bun)
BLT ( I prefer it on the raw bun with added avocado)


Mint Shamrock
Cacao Superfood


I also recommend checking out the specials because some of those are absolutely amazing!