Hippeas Snacks

Hippeas crashed onto the scene with their brightly colored, scene stealing packages. Their crunchy, bit-sized, flavorful goodness solidified them as a worthy vegan snack. 

I'm a sucker for variety so when I received a box full of 6 different flavors I was over the moon. Hippeas are made from puffed chickpeas and range from sweet to savory; from Sriracha Sunshine to Maple Haze. 

They are gluten-free, organic, packed with protein and fiber and fun to chomp on. I'm a sucker for crunchy foods and I've noticed these really satisfy that craving. 

Another fun fact about Hippeas is their dedication to giving back. Something I like in all my Klean Products. Check out their website to learn more.

You can find Hippeas at Starbucks, Whole Foods and Amazon for now.