Dynamics of Nature: Vitaforce

Vitaforce is a high quality, complete multivitamin made from the world’s most nutritious super foods, vegetables, fruits and probiotics.

I remember a time where I use to mess around with tons and tons of supplements. I was always trying to find the right combination, the right brand and the right nutrients for my body.  I spent a fortune and I listened to a multitude of individuals both experts and pretend experts. It was exhausting and I was spending money I didn’t have. I knew that I was able to get a lot of the required nutrients from my diet but I also knew that with my long running digestion issues, energy levels, and food sensitivities, I was (still am but to a way lesser degree) always chasing that perfect combination to make me super human. I wanted to be that perfect example of health, fitness and sanity.

Yeah. Don’t we all? The thing is, we are not meant to be perfect, we can get damn close but we are all unique individuals and in being so we each have a unique composition. We have to find the right working combination for ourselves and even that changes as our bodies change. What worked for you a year ago may not work for you now and that’s ok.

At this point, what we can do is find high quality products along with a well-rounded diet to help us sustain a balance.

You are in luck! I already spent my hard earned money and practiced on my body already so you wouldn’t have to!

A chance encounter with Vitaforce peaked my interest enough that I wanted to hear from the owner Josh Malin himself about the history, the reasoning and the difference between Vitaforce and other green superfood powders on the market.

Josh was kind enough to take a quick phone call with me. That “quick phone call” ended up lasting three hours! I was sooo fascinated, sooo intrigued, sooo wanting to learn more about the science behind it. The nutrition geek in me was on edge.

What I found through our conversation was the science behind Vitaforce was different than a lot (if not all) green superfood powders on the market. Many of the popular green powders on the market were tested and they found that most of the ingredients ended up not being pure, as they claimed, and were indeed from China. You are paying the price and not getting the guarantee. The potency isn’t there and the chemicals are. It’s really a shame because it’s another example of pulling-the-wool-over-your-eyes”, trusting companies we believed to have been providing us with the high quality products they promote.

Josh is so involved in every step; He even knows the exact milligrams of each individual ingredient to make it the all-around multivitamin suitable enough for a vegan diet including the addition of a potent probiotic, essential for a healthy gut. Josh has handpicked, tested and even lost money to make sure a product he could be proud to give his children, would be on shelves.

As quoted,

“In other words, of the hundreds of producers of spirulina, chlorella, kale and other ingredients in VITAFORCE, we went through an exhaustive process to carefully choose the purest, most nutritionally dense and antioxidant-rich version of each.
By way of example, we analyzed every variety of spirulina grown throughout the world, we analyzed the growing conditions, the nutritional analyses, the heavy metal testing, bacterial testing, quality testing, antioxidant levels, harvesting conditions, sustainability, scientific documentation, microcystin levels, carotenoid levels, super oxide dismutase levels, among many other factors.  After reviewing each version of spirulina grown throughout the world, only one was head and shoulders above the rest – and even though it is far more expensive than other spirulina’s, that is the only one that we chose to put in VITAFORCE.”

This makes it a powerhouse for vegans, non-vegans and children’s a like. Everyone wins!

Everything is completely natural, combined properly and contains no cheap fillers. The only ingredient not formed naturally is B12, which cannot be food sourced. To be an all around multi superfood, B12 is vital component. The B12 in Vitaforce is Methylcobalamin based versus cyanocobalamin.  cyanocobalamin must convert into Methylcobalamin to harness the neurological benefit but here it is already converted, getting you a faster B12 injection for a healthy nervous system.

Some customers have experienced an increase in energy levels and a decrease in getting sick. Other customers who sustain a relatively healthy diet don’t really experience any noticeable effects. This is where the problem comes in. Just because you don’t feel the difference doesn’t mean the wealth of healing isn’t happening. It is. The best part is, it’s working hard fighting and mending behind the scenes while you continue to enjoy this wonderful healthy life!

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