Not all Veggie Patties are Created Equal

(example of two)

All veggie burgers are not created equal! There are some fantastic brands out there (like Hilary’s Eat Well) that take the time to research and create higher-quality frozen veggie patties then some of the most popular brands out there, like MorningStar and Boca. I remember years ago when I first tested the veggie patty waters and I became a big MorningStar fan. It’s almost a right of vegetarian/vegan passage.

As my journey progresses, so does my knowledge. Reading ingredients and understanding them are two different things. I know how it is to scan the list and feel, “It seems OK, it tastes pretty good and it’s not a dead animal, why not?”

I agree that half the battle is won, but don’t forget that while on your crusade YOUR health is important too. 

I personally like the underdogs in this story. Giant corporations are shipping tons and tons of products a day. Most of the larger companies are cutting corners and using lower quality ingredients that can be harmful to your health!  Through my research, I have noticed a universal understanding in smaller businesses. They are working towards creating a better quality product with less toxic and more natural ingredients. As well, they are working towards sustainability and mindfulness when it comes to production and the exploitation of our valuable resources.

Take a look at this write up on OneGreenPlanet that lists some of the most common harmful ingredients to watch out for and why. This write up also provides some very yummy looking alternatives. Why aren’t computers interactive yet?? I swear I can taste that delicious eggplant burger with caramelized onions mmm…