Follow Your Heart Cheeses

Who just received (and already opened) their Follow Your Heart package?!

I have already proclaimed their provolone to be the best over the counter (versus cashew cheeses) on the market.


It’s adult/kid friendly approved, tasty, tasty, tasty, realistically textured, nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free, AS WELL AS containing a minimal list of ingredients.

A great cheese alternative that you even can eat cold. Actually, the majority of the time I eat it cold!

Provolone is hands down favorite, but garden herb comes in as a close second. My least favorite is still American. It has an almost metallic flavor to me, but than again I never liked American cheese when I wasn’t vegan.

Either way, this gal and some of her lucky friends are going to engage in a delicious cheese smorgasbord. 

Gouda and Pepper Jack have been added.
Gouda is phenomenal! The flavors closely resemble a dairy-based Gouda without tasting overly salty. 
I haven't tried Pepper Jack, but I am not a Pepper Jack lover. For those who are, I've heard its phenomenal as well.