Pacific Superfood Snacks Kale Chips Review

Pacific Superfood Snacks Kale Chips. Yay or Nah? Let’s Find Out! 

Do you know Klean-Slate? I mean, do you reallly know Klean-Slate? Cause if you do, you may know my slight obsession with kale chips. Lately, my horizons have been expanding into brussels, cabbage, broccoli and pretty much anything else you can dehydrate and make into a chip. But, my heart will always lie with the pioneering kale.

With so many brands finally inundating the market and making kale chips an easy go-to option for a quick nutritious snack or a side to a sandwich chip alternative, the competition is getting fierce.

I’d like to think I have become a kale chip aficionado and can talk all things kale chip related, but even I sometimes feel I’m playing catch-up…and really, I couldn’t be more excited about it! Let’s keep the kale chip era going and let’s keep bringing the creativity!

I have been on many a kale chip benders in search of the “perfect chip”. There is so much to weigh!– brand, flavor profile, texture, consistency, integrity and organic should all be in place to proclaim it thee “perfect chip”. Some brands skimp on making all their ingredients organic or have some organic, some not organic ingredients. I can understand, but there are a few that do…and not only do, they abide by all of the above points.

Here I’m showcasing one that abides by all of thee above and has a variety of flavors.

Pacific Snacks have recently made its way down to Southern California. I first spotted them at my local Sprouts market–I’m a hawk when I see a new kale chips. 

Pacific Snacks is vegan, raw, dried at 112 degrees, gluten-free and sometimes instead of cashews; they use hazelnuts. That separates them from the crowd. The packaging reminds me of The Kale Company, but with more substantial chips per package. Price point is about the same as Alive and Radiant ($5.99) which is competitive (I’ve seen most for $7.99). 
They have 7 flavors and a rotating Chefs Flavor of the month (smart smart smart idea). 

 My hawk eye first spotted the Rosemary Truffle flavor and my mouth hit the floor. 

Rosemary Truffle-Best way to sum it up; creamy, crunchy, flavorful and hearty. I wish more of the truffle would shine through, but I know for that price point, you’re just going to get a hint. I love the rosemary herb flavor mixed with the creaminess of the cashews; it makes a for a wonderful combination.

Olive and Sea Salt- Number 2 favorite right here! I’m loving the very subtle flavors and the simplicity of ingredients. The balance is there and its delicious!

Cheezy Crunch-If I go on ranking them, this would be number 3! This option is more traditionally flavored, but with a twist. There are undertones of powerful turmeric and onion, but the creamy cashew and nutritional yeast break through and provide a nice balance.

Pepperoni- In general, pepperoni has never been my thing. I never got into the flavors. I’m also not a spicy girl. For those on the opposite side of the spectrum, Pepperoni, Lava Rock Sriracha and Cheese Pizza will go over really well. The only ingredient I can tell that brings out some of the spicy flavor is the peppercorn. I was kind of shocked because I could have sworn it came from a chili. Strange. I did bring Pepperoni and Lava Rock Sriracha to my Friday girls night and they went over really well!

Lava Rock Sriracha-I feel the same way about the Lava Rock Sriracha as I do the Pepperoni, but this was the fan favorite on movie night. It has fewer spices than Pepperoni and more of the Sriracha flavor (big draw). This one was boyfriend approved.

Cheese Pizza-This one reminded me of Pepperoni, but without as much heat and herbs. It was OK, but not my favorite.

Stumptown Original-The hazelnuts are subtle. I thought it would have more of an impact, but it didn’t. I think the other ingredients overshadow the one lonesome nut. With that being said, it was still tasty and I still didn’t share them. I suppose that makes for an approved option.

In the future, I’m planning on trying the Chef’s Exclusive Monthly Flavor, but at this moment the Korean Hot Pepper may make me cry loudly, 
“Make the bad man stop!” 

I really should bring in more movie references. You don’t even know all the movie quotes that circle my head on a daily!

Anyways, when it comes to kale chips, I Klean-Karma approve of Pacific Superfood Snacks and I’m glad to see another innovative option that vegans and non-vegans can agree upon. 

Happy Kale Chip Eating Everyone!