25 Mouthwatering Vegan Desserts from all over the World!

The mastermind Veggie Visa, brought together some of her favorite vegan travel bloggers (including yours truly) for a truly fantastic cause.

Vegan Desserts!

25 amazingly delicious, creative vegan desserts from all over the world in one post! 
A collaborative effort manufactured for the sole purpose of getting me to dust off my suitcase and start marking destinations on my map.  

I am currently bookmarking this page to reference for my future travel adventures. Now, I won’t hesitate to know where to go for tasty vegan treats abroad!

Check out the post here!

-Mouthwatering pictures included.


Bites of Luv

Bites of Luv

While wandering the aisles of my local, natural market I spotted Bites of Luv. I thought the packaging was cute, simple and with the font choice–a throw back to the 70′s. When I took a closer look I discovered they were gluten-free, soy-free, organic, non-GMO 100% vegan and nut-free!

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