Veestro Meal Delivery

I’ve thought about trying a meal delivery service plenty of times—I’ve always been curious, but I’ve never taken the time to seek out which delivery service would fit my dietary needs and wants. 
My thoughts on the subject have always been that it seems like a great way for one to stay on track, to facility productivity and to introduce variety into ones diet. At the moment all the reasons above pertained to my current situation, which made the timing perfect to sample Veestro-a plant-based, non-gmo meal delivery service. 

On top of providing well-rounded, plant-based meals they offer an array of programs to choose from:
Gluten-Free (what I chose)
Weight Loss
21 Day Kick Start
Juice Cleanse
High Protein
A la Carte
and one specially designed plan by The Healthy Voyager. 

It helps that within each option they offer a range of meal choices giving you the feeling that you are not on a limited, tasteless, generic fruits and vegetable program that you could of put together yourself.
I sampled 6 items; 2 juices, two lunches (one was suppose to be for breakfast, but worked better as a lunch option) and two dinners.
Upon receiving my delivery, the dry ice was fully committed and my items were still frozen. This was fantastic, but proved to be a bit difficult when it came to enjoying my juice the next day. I stored the juice in the fridge overnight and it was still frozen the next day! 

Once it defrosted, it was delicious. 
great addition I rarely see is Sacha Inchi Protein Powder. Sacha Inchi or “Inca peanut”is a superfood amongst superfoods. The benefits range from high in protein to being an incredible source of Omegas. 
When it came to the meals, I took to work as my first lunch option the Kale and Quinoa Salad.

It seemed fairly simple. I let it thaw overnight and then tossed it into my work lunch bag. When I went to open it, it was uneatable and needed to be heated. As the kale was soggy, It seemed it didn’t thaw completely. I couldn’t eat it as it was. I thought it was a salad, but it acted more like a saute. I really had no option, but to reheat it in the microwave. Aside from the reheating salad/saute issue, the dish had great, simple flavors and the tempeh bites were a great addition.

In the end, the kale ended up being a bit tough and chewy and I had to cut it into small bites. 

That night I was able to take advantage of my oven and cook up the scrumptious looking Eggplant Casserole. My impatience for it to re-heat was evident while I kept checking on it to make sure it was thawing and not overcooking.

My only issue with the dish was I wanted more! It was delicious! The portion was the right amount and ultimately it helped me become more conscious about my portion sizes. 

The next lunch I brought to work that, yes; had to be reheated in the microwave was the Mediterranean Skillet. 

Sooooo here’s the thing; great veggies, great tempeh, BUT there was no olive oil, nutritional yeast or garlic (per description). This made for a pretty dry dish and I felt extra healthy that AM.

For my last dinner I saved the heartiest for last–The Moroccan Melange.

Not the prettiest dish, but one of the best entrees I had. It was full of flavor and absolutely tasty. I loved it.

From what I chose and what I sampled, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I genuinely liked the dishes. Even though there were some mishaps, it’s a well-rounded viable option for those needing a nutrition jump start and a quick meal for a relatively low price.

For myself a complete plan like this doesn’t work, but for a few dishes here and there its a novel idea as I really enjoyed the variety. Currently on a daily basis, I prepare my own meals and I don’t use a microwave. Even when I cook steamed vegetables the night before, I’ll eat them cold the next day at work–almost like a salad. Personal preference and not for everyone. 

I can contently exclaim that I have now tried a meal delivery system that caters to all my dietary needs and is available if I ever need one in the future. I also like the fact that I can personally present this option as viable to others who are in the market.