Just think about it...

In high school it seems to be a right of passage to dissect in science class. I think what I remembered most was how I felt and how it smelled versus a ground-breaking scientific takeaway. My lackluster response was not worth how I felt afterwards.
I think its unnecessary–an outdated cruel method.
It’s time to upgrade. 

Check out how Emily Stoneking is making aKNITomy’s. Let’s incorporate the ideals of compassion into our science classes again. Check out aKINTomy’s here and reach out to your schools to kreate the shift. 

Not all Veggie Patties are Created Equal

Not all Veggie Patties are Created Equal

All veggie burgers are not created equal! There are some fantastic brands out there (like Hilary’s Eat Well) that take the time to research and create higher-quality frozen veggie patties then some of the most popular brands out there, like MorningStar and Boca. I remember years ago when I first tested the veggie patty waters and I became a big MorningStar fan. It’s almost a right of vegetarian/vegan passage.

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